What Tax Rates for Working Expats in Belgium

  • Every country’s tax code has its multifaceted system with different perks, and Belgium is no other than those countries. Tax rates for expats in Belgium are the highest rates in Europe. Being an expat working overseas, you are liable to pay taxes and file a tax return. Property owners are also liable to pay property taxes, inheritance, and gift taxes.

    Belgium’s government has induced new rules for Expat taxes from January 2022. Earlier Belgium’s government had limited benefits for expat employees. The change is due to the increased number of expats who benefit from the tax regulations. The new rules will be applied to the" incoming taxpayers," i.e., the organisational employees and directors or" incoming researchers." Fulfilment of these few conditions will benefit the employees.

    Individuals seeking current expat schemes can choose the latest regime. There is a transitional period for people who do not hold a legal application to switch for two years. The latest expat status shall be granted for five years; under some conditions, it can be extended up to 3 years.


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